The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is expected today to enact net neutrality regulations that would regulate what internet service providers (ISPs) and wireless companies can and cannot do in restricting content from websites. The draft regulations would basically prohibit ISPs and wireless companies from blocking rival websites or services from being accessed by users, as… Read more »

The IRS intends to expand its focus on section 501(c)(4), (5) and (6) organizations to look at issues including political activity, inurement and the extent of compliance with the requirements for tax exemption by organizations that self-identify. The project is part of the work plan for fiscal year 2011 released Dec. 15 by the IRS… Read more »

With the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) considering revisions to regulations that govern, for example, how appliances can label themselves as energy efficient, ASAE submitted comments yesterday asking the agency to reconsider its proposed rule regarding certifications of environmental standards sponsored by associations. The FTC’s proposed rule is an update of the FTC “green guides” for… Read more »

Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released its recommendation for the creation of a “do-not-track” Internet privacy database, which would allow consumers to opt-out of having their browsing information collected by websites and site advertisers.  The recommendation is part of a broader push to further protect consumers from privacy breaches but could hinder advertisers and… Read more »