Three Cabinet agencies released joint regulations on the extension of dependent coverage to adults under age 27 yesterday, providing a draft of the rules that will govern part of the health care reform law that goes into effect on September 23. As expected, the rules defining eligible dependents are broad: eligible dependents do not need… Read more »

Some medical and health care trade associations are voicing concerns over the Senate legislation to regulate the nation’s financial industry, according to The Hill newspaper. Currently, the Senate is considering S. 3217, legislation to regulate financial transactions through a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA) and an expanded Federal Trade Commission.  The concern is that… Read more »

In the past four months, has your organization: Run a campaign to improve the local community? Used your members’ or profession’s expertise to address a national problem? Helped with the relief efforts in Haiti or Chile? Conducted a program at the local, state, or international level that shows how associations are advancing America? If you… Read more »

Longtime ASAE member Phil Peach recently attended ASAE’s Annual Fly-In, where association executives from around the country visited their congressional representatives in Washington DC on March 24, 2010 to discuss issues of concern to the nonprofit association community. I recently visited with several of our congressional representatives as a part of ASAE’s annual fly-in.  This… Read more »