President Trump said last night he will sign an $852 billion spending bill to avert a partial government shutdown at the end of the week. The spending bill passed by the House this week funds all agencies at current levels through Dec. 7. The continuing resolution passed as part of a broader 2019 appropriations package… Read more »

The House is expected to vote this week on a package of bills known as “Tax 2.0” that among other things would make permanent the individual tax cuts in last year’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. While House leaders view a second round of tax cuts to be politically popular in advance of the November… Read more »

The Senate on Sept. 18 passed a short-term spending bill that would keep the government running through Dec. 7, which would postpone any threat of a government shutdown until after the midterm elections. The short-term spending bill is attached to an appropriations package containing 2019 funding for the Pentagon as well as for the Labor,… Read more »

The National Labor Relations Board announced this week it is revising its test for determining whether two employers are considered joint employers and are both liable under the National Labor Relations Act. To be considered a joint employer under the new NLRB rule, an employer must possess and actually exercise substantial direct and immediate control… Read more »