ASAE Resources on Exchanges

Need a refresher on what the Exchanges are, and how they will affect associations? Use our resources listed below: Guide to health care reform legislation, 2010 Inroads story on Exchange deadline, 2012 Exchange handout from the 2012 ASAE fly-in John Graham testimony to House Ways & Means Committee on Exchange implementation, 2012 ASAE comments on… Read more »

Supreme Court Opens Door for Additional Health Care Challenges

The Supreme Court yesterday paved a potential path for additional legal challenges to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that could change how employers and individuals are complying with the law.  The Court ordered the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals to reexamine a case brought by Liberty University concerning the law’s mandates and regulations requiring private insurers to cover… Read more »

Essential Health Benefits Proposed Regs Released: What Do They Mean?

Yesterday, the Obama Administration released three proposed regulations dealing with essential health benefits and a number of provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) dealing with insurance plan requirements (see press release here and succinct summary here at the Kaiser Family Foundation site).  Why is this important news? The essential health benefits are those basic requirements… Read more »

Stakeholders in the Exchange Debate

Today’s Politico has an in-depth analysis of the various stakeholders that are watching the Exchange deadlines and implementation.  The article runs through the major players (HHS, states, insurance companies) but fails to mention the Navigators that would be critical to the successful implementation of the Exchanges.  Navigators, which by law would include associations, are organizations that… Read more »