Deadline for State Declaration on Exchanges Extended

Those states rushing to get their Exchange plans to the federal government before today’s deadline now have a little bit more time. The Obama Administration yesterday announced a delay in the deadline for states to submit an Exchange plan until December 14 (see story here).  The change was made, according to the story, in response… Read more »

DC Area Highlights The Challenges of Exchange Implementation

An article in the Washington Examiner on Thursday highlights some of the issues states, even those in the same area, will have implementing an insurance Exchange as well as the diverse options available to them.  The article, entitled “Health exchange law gives area officials a headache“, explains how the three jurisdictions are moving forward in… Read more »

Medical Associations Drive Meetings Industry

The Power of A has shown repeatedly that associations are driving the economic recovery through their meetings and conventions, but occasionally it is interesting to look at specific industries to see how specific types of associations are leaders within a field.  The Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association did just that with the press release last… Read more »

Kansas Dental Association Helping Low Income Children Receive Medical Help

The Kansas Dental Association is celebrating its 140th anniversary by creating a program to help low-income families receive affordable dental care.  In honor of the anniversary, the association is launching an initiative to encourage 140 more Kansas dentists to participate in Medicaid. The goal of the program is to have more dentists participate in the… Read more »

HHS Releases Guidelines for CO-OPs

The federal government released its first set of guidelines yesterday for the creation of Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans (CO-OPs), which are nonprofit entities operating within a state to provide a health insurance alternative to its members.  Instead of buying insurance directly from an insurer in a state Exchange, for example, consumers would have the… Read more »