Become a Power of A Ambassador

As an association leader, you can help improve awareness of how our industry’s strengthens America by becoming a Power of A Ambassador.

The Power of A is the platform by which we share our profession’s powerful story of making the world a better place. We educate the public, policymakers, the media and other audiences about how association members’ expertise strengthens jobs, the economy, our systems and structures and American lives.

The role of ASAE’s Power of A Ambassadors is to encourage all associations to embrace The Power of A as part of their own communications platform through the following ways:

  • Promoting The Power of A by posting the PWRA logo and a link to The Power of A website on their own association websites.
  • Sharing The Power of A research and other materials with their own key audiences.
  • Encouraging their association colleagues to enter The Power of A Awards.
  • Agreeing to assist in ASAE’s Power of A messaging when available.

The time commitment to be a Power of A Ambassador is nominal, yet the rewards are great. The more association leaders are involved and engaged, the greater our reach will become – and the more powerful our story will be understood.

Please email Chris Vest and Mary Kate Cunningham at to indicate your interest in helping ASAE increase awareness and support for associations by becoming a Power of A Ambassador. Someone will reach out to you to answer questions and provide you with all you need to get started! Also join our Power of A Ambassadors LinkedIn Group!