Look-Back Methods May Be Off The Table for Employer Mandate

During a conference hosted by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, an IRS official told attendees that the long-awaited guidance on complying with the employer mandate may not require a “look-back” measurement to determine what employees qualify as full time equivalents or full-time employees, according to the Bureau of National Affairs. The look-back measurement… Read more »

IRS Releases Regs on Employer Mandate and Health Discounts

As 2014 approaches, the final pieces to the Affordable Care Act puzzle continue to fall into place, and this week the latest piece involved how the discounts employers could provide for participation in wellness programs would affect the employer mandate. First, a review of the two concepts: The Affordable Care Act allows insurers and employers… Read more »

Kaiser Poll Finds Friends, Not Employer, is Main Information Source on ACA

Yesterday we shared on our site a study from Aflac that employees tend to renew their current health insurance plans annually and have little knowledge of the major aspects of the Affordable Care Act.  Today, a new Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll shows the reason your employees may have little knowledge about the ACA. The… Read more »

ADP Analyzes the Impact of ACA Shared Responsibility for Large Employers

ADP, the human resources company, released today an analysis of the Affordable Care Act’s “shared responsibility” provision on self-insured large employers.  The shared responsibility requirement (also referred to as the employer mandate) requires employers with more than 50 full time equivalents (FTEs) to provide a credible level of insurance coverage for its employees or face… Read more »

IRS Releases Proposed Regs on Employer Mandate

Companies and health care analysts got a late Christmas present when the Internal Revenue Service released its proposed regulations on eligibility under the employer “shared responsibility” provision of the Affordable Care Act.  The law requires all employers (including associations) with 50 or more “full time employees or full-time equivalents” (FTEs) to provide health insurance to… Read more »