Exemptions May Weaken Individual Mandate

The Obama Administration is coming under fire due to new rules on waivers under the individual mandate.  The mandate is the requirement that citizens – with some exceptions – are required to carry an acceptable level of health insurance coverage and report it on the appropriate income reporting form (for most, their tax filings) beginning… Read more »

IRS Releases Regs on Employer Mandate and Health Discounts

As 2014 approaches, the final pieces to the Affordable Care Act puzzle continue to fall into place, and this week the latest piece involved how the discounts employers could provide for participation in wellness programs would affect the employer mandate. First, a review of the two concepts: The Affordable Care Act allows insurers and employers… Read more »

Politics Aside: How Will Exchanges Affect Our Community?

As the deadline for states to report exchange decisions to the federal government has come and gone, we’re looking ahead at how implementation will affect the nonprofit and association community. The result of the November election removed the last pathway for repeal of the Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). As the ACA will be… Read more »

IRS Releases Proposed Regs on Employer Mandate

Companies and health care analysts got a late Christmas present when the Internal Revenue Service released its proposed regulations on eligibility under the employer “shared responsibility” provision of the Affordable Care Act.  The law requires all employers (including associations) with 50 or more “full time employees or full-time equivalents” (FTEs) to provide health insurance to… Read more »