All associations and nonprofits are encouraged to tap into The Power of A campaign materials to help broadcast how your group builds a stronger nation and world. Just as you provide a community, network or “home” for your members, The Power of A is the identity for the more than 1.9 million associations and nonprofits in America, as well as those around the globe.

Through The Power of A, ASAE provides several easy ways to be part of the industry’s Power of A campaign and help let legislators, members, partners and the public at large know how you are part of an industry that is essential to society, the economy and more. In addition to the ideas below, you are encouraged to find new ways to spread the word that best meet your organization’s needs.

Use the Brand

Use The Power of A logo on your association’s materials in conjunction with your own organization’s branding.

Plus, consider incorporating The Power of A email signature graphic into you/your members’ email address.

Place These Ads

Place these ads on your website and link them to to help tell our story.

Power of A Ad 1

Option 1 (728x90px)

Power of A Ad 2

Option 2 (728x90px)

Power of A Ad 3

Option 3 (728x90px)

Power of A Ad 4

Option 4 (980x260px)

Tell your Membership

Teach your membership about The Power of A and how the campaign showcases your benefits to society and the work associations do in virtually every sector of the economy. A sample newsletter article has been created for your easy use.

Share the Materials

Please download and share this graphic with Tweets and Posts that showcase how the work of your association and your members make America stronger.

ASAE has developed a background document that can be downloaded or printed on your organization’s letterhead that you hand or email to key audiences. This and other materials will be shared at American Associations Day in Washington, D.C.

Or, use your social media assets such as Facebook and Twitter to show your support of The Power of A. Use some of our sample posts and Tweets:

  • Tweets: “My association is sending members to assist the natural disaster overseas #pwra” or “Just spoke to my member of Congress, shared how many people my members employ #pwra”
  • Facebook: “My association has an important program that is making the workplace safer. We are participating in the Power of A campaign”